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An autosampler is a laboratory analysis device used for injection when compounds or molecules within a mixture are being separated. Suppliers of these tools serve many research industries including environmental, food, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical settings. Autosampler suppliers offer innovative equipment designed to advance sample throughput and to provide increased data reliability. The results received from these devices helps companies within various industries increase profitability, quality control, and expand research possibilities. Organic or inorganic compound analysis through gas chromatography or GC is one area where this type of analytical device is frequently applied. A sampling system automates the injection portion of the process into the instruments. When a laboratory uses automatic insertion, both time and reproduction capabilities are enhanced. In a gas chromatography setting, an inert or nonreactive gas is used to move the mixture at a certain speed to a liquid stationary phase. The compounds are separated at different retention time lengths to be recorded for further analysis.ASX-560 / ASX-280 Autosampler Quick Installation Guide - YouTube

Analytical instrumentsare hplc autosampler important to the research process because they allow controlled tests to be performed that would otherwise not be possible. An instrument called a gas chromatograph facilitates the entire process. The sample is submitted through an inlet or injection site automatically. Carrier gas used for the mobile phase is sent through a column or tube at the selected rate of speed causing the single compounds to exit the tube at varying retention times. Flow rate and temperature may be changed to alter the results of a sample. Samples may be introduced with or without heat as well as through different types of inlets. Carrier gas types have direct effects on speed in addition to efficiency. Hydrogen separates the mixture more efficiently but does not provide the wide flow rate range of helium. Helium is also non-flammable and works with an immense variety of detectors. The traits of helium make it the most frequently used gas during GC experiments.

Samplers are one of many analytical instruments applied in a laboratory environment. A facility must know what type of research will be conducted as well as future process possibilities in order to purchase this type of equipment. The instruments should be designed for the form of testing being carried out. A business will obtain better service, support, and products by developing a longstanding relationship with a dependable company. Research facilities should never purchase the first piece of equipment they find. Instead every possible provider needs to be thoroughly researched in regards to available equipment, repair services, and instrument certification. The supplier will be more advantageous if they specialize in the research areas of the facility. Repair services are essential because these instruments occasionally require some form of servicing. Select a company with a dependable support staff willing to perform on-site repairs when needed. Many suppliers also offer used equipment to help facilities meet budget constraints. Secondhand instruments allow any business to acquire cost effective equipment for a lab. The best analysis device can be obtained when a business knows what is needed and uses research to find the right supplier.

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