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Have you developed the habit of postponing joy? Years ago, I became aware of a strong tendency to postpone joy and, since then, have been slowly but surely reprogramming myself to enjoy the moment. One particular incident where I was busily not enjoying the journey was so excruciating that i swore it would be the last time. Trying to meet a deadline, I reverted to my old programming. I turned off my Emotional Guidance System and made completing the project more important than enjoying my life. I tuned out the warning that i was in a state of resistance, completely forgetting that resistance always means resistance to Well-Being.

The result noleggio auto sardegna was that i felt tense, exhausted and irritable – and the project didn’t even go well. I took it as a wake-up call and a reminder that, if I’m not listening to my guidance system, it is amazingly easy to wander away from Well-Being and end up far from where I want to be. The discomfort of that experience got my attention and, believe me, I now focus on enjoying each precious moment of my life.

Every Moment Can be Joyful. As you set your intention to align with Source at every moment, the specific activity you’re engaged in does not matter so much. Every activity is delightful when you align with Well-Being. As you set your intention to take pleasure and satisfaction from each moment, you’ll find yourself enjoying the journey of your life, enjoying the process of unfolding, staying excited and engaged along the path.

We tend to ignore the fact that there will always be a gap between where we are and where we want to be. As such, it’s wise to learn to enjoy the journey between here and there. Where you are now is a steppingstone to where you want to go next. And, when you reach that place, it too will be a steppingstone to where you want to go from there. Each steppingstone leads to the next great adventure and off you grow again.

Be Happy Right here Right now. In my opinion, the best way to live is to be happy with where you are and, at the same time, eagerly and optimistically anticipate the thrill of the next great adventure. Start enjoying the manifestation of your desire even before it has materialized, confident that whatever you desire is on its way to you. Do this and you’ll enjoy the journey as much as the manifestation.

As a Master of the Universe, you can enjoy every moment of your journey between here and there with joyous anticipation of the next great adventure. As Abraham-Hicks teaches – if you’re not feeling good, if you’re not having fun, if you’re not enjoying the journey, you’re really missing the point of being here. So, from this moment on, make a strong intention to enjoy the Journey!

Andalucía is a popular holiday destination in Spain. The weather here remains fabulous throughout the year but springtime is an ideal time to spend time with your family or friends. The weather is delightful and you can enjoy and explore the region easily. There are a few reasons due to which people plan to visit Andalucía in spring.

The weather is the best. It is comfortable and neither too hot nor too cold. Therefore, it is an ideal time to explore popular places. You can sit under the blue sky and can enjoy a drink in the late evenings. Spring is the season when flowers bloom and create a fascinating environment everywhere. In Andalucía, you can enjoy the whitewashed villages matching with the yellow ground that becomes warm under the summer sun, colored poppies, sunflower, lavender, and many other beautiful flowers.

Another reason to visit Andalucía in springtime is that a lot of festivals are celebrated by the people and you can also enjoy and can take part in the festivals. The most important festival is the Fiesta de Los Patios. It is a two-week-long festival and you can see the flower-filled courtyards of houses in the old neighborhood.

Another important festival celebrated in April is its annual Feria de Abril. It is one of the largest annual festivals celebrated here. You can eat; drink, and dance and can have a lot of fun. The festival is celebrated on a sanded fairground on the outskirts of the city’s historic center. Bullfights are popular during the fair. Bullfights are common in Andalucía festivals. Thus, you can have an unforgettable experience by watching a bullfight.

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