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The other day I saw an item where someone reasoned that a certain well known brand of petroleum jelly MUST be OK for you, because a woman they knew, who died in her 70’s, had used it all her life and had ‘great skin’ when she shuffled off this mortal coil!

Sadly, there will always be ‘anecdotal’ evidence that certain products seem to be harmless. We’ve probably all heard of the old guy who died at 90 after smoking 40 Capstan full-strength cigarettes every day since he was 15 – although no-one now doubts that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health. So it will be that many people know of folks who have used products like petroleum jelly regularly throughout their lives – and seem to have been unaffected.

The thing that people often don’t realize is that there is now overwhelming evidence that products derived from petro-chemicals (like petroleum jelly – of course) are toxic to humans. Such toxicity may emerge in the form of increased skin sensitivity, perhaps in the triggering of allergies – which can start at any time and any age – or maybe even in the development of one or other form of cancer.

In the UK (and US) currently the chances of you suffering some type of cancer during your life-time is now 1 in 3!!! In some places the statistics are even worse – in Singapore it is an incredible 1 in 2 for instance! this is one ‘lottery’ that no-one wants to win! But what can you do to stop yourself becoming a ‘statistic’ and a hostage to the ‘toxic time-bomb’ that is already ticking inside all of us alive today (unless we’ve lived our lives in a hermetically sealed bubble :-D)!

The worst aspect of continuing to use proven toxic materials regularly on the skin is that it may not be YOU (the user) who suffers…but your children, or your children’s children…or even later down the generations. Animal studies have shown that exposure to toxic substances affected offspring FIVE generations down the line.

We as humans have only seen about two generations (2 x 25 = 50 years) pass since the introduction of some 80,000 man-made, non-natural chemicals into our lives. This number increases inexorably every year. Such chemicals permeate products that we come intimately into contact with daily…and we have often been led to believe these products are doing us some ‘good’!

Take toothpaste for example…we all know about ‘brushing our teeth to avoid tooth decay’…but how many people realize that there are KNOWN harmful irritants in almost all ‘well known’ brands of dentifrice? Why not check the paste you use now and see if it contains Sodium Laureth (or Lauryl) Sulfate, for instance – It might make your toothpaste nice and foamy…But what else could this known irritant be doing to your body?!(Recent concerns about rocketing mouth cancer statistics have to make you wonder about this relatively recent development, don’t they?.)

We can only guess the long term effects of this ‘ticking time-bomb’ of chemical burden that our bodies are having to bear…especially as most of us will be long-gone before the results really appear as mutations in our gene-pool. It is our children’s, children’s, children who are likely to ‘pick-up-the-tab’ for us having ‘great teeth’ and ‘wonderful looking skin’ until our 70’s…

The only answer is to seek out safe natural products. There are marvellous natural substances that have been used for 1000’s of years – and that we know are definitely beneficial to the skin and body. Unfortunately, we cannot always be sure of the ‘provenance’ of some products that claim to be ‘natural’. Manufacturers also ‘confuse’ the consumer by using man-made versions of natural substances that often have very similar names! There is no need for them to make it clear about whether ingredients used in cosmetics and bodycare products are from natural or ‘un-natural’ sources!

Don’t be fooled by the fact that you have used something for years and aren’t ill yet! You need to get petro-chemicals OUT of your life now…in fact get all non-natural chemicals and products out of your life if you can…because it may not be yourself you are harming. You could already be unwittingly becoming a ‘suicide bomber’ who will ‘wipe-out’ the health of future togel singapore generations of your own family!

If you can, the best thing that you can do is find a source of genuine, certified organic and natural skin products and be sure to use these and only these products, from now on…Then, ensure your kids (and their kids) do the same. In fact do your best to encourage anyone you care about to change the products they use on their bodies – soaps, shampoos, body creams, face creams, hand creams, cosmetics, after-shave…etc. etc. as soon as possible.

It is up to each and every one of us to stop adding to the toxic overload on our own system. We are all individuals and no-one knows just what ‘load’ will be ‘enough’ to trigger a life-threatening condition. All you can do is to start reducing your bodies man-made chemical burden as soon as possible. A good way to start is to “go certified organic”! If you are a parent, or ever likely to be one – it could save more than just your own life!

We all have the power to reclaim and improve our health. Some of us have the responsibility to educate others – especially our children. Ignorance is no defence – and no excuse for failing in this responsibility. The terrible ODDS are that within a family of two parents and one child, at least one will suffer from cancer before they die – So, stop making your family enter the ‘cancer lottery’ now, and choose to ‘defuse’ your ‘toxic time-bomb’ today.


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