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Texas parenting plans and agreements are governed by laws outlined in the Texas Family Code and are best interpreted by a Fort Worth Child Custody Lawyer. In the event that you must come up with a parenting plan for your children, we’ve outlined a basic guide with key factors to consider.

What to include

As you design your parenting plan,Guest Posting it would be wise to seek counsel from a Fort Worth child custody lawyer. A qualified expert will be able to walk you through special considerations for your case, as well as give you detailed information about how to design a mutually beneficial plan.

In general, your plan should include:

Which conservator has the right to determine the child’s primary residence
A possession and access schedule that details visitation rights for each parent
Each parent’s rights and responsibilities in relation to medical care, monetary support, and education
How decisions regarding the child will be made
A detailed plan showing how the child will be taken care of
A plan to resolve disputes without going back to court
The plan you submit to the courts will depend largely on whether you are planning for joint or sole managing conservatorship.

Joint managing conservatorship

Joint managing conservatorship is when both parents share responsibility for decisions regarding the child. A joint conservatorship can either be agreed upon by the parents or ordered by the courts. This parenting plan will consider:

If the child is 12 or older, the plan will include their preference for their primary residence
How involved each parent has been in the child’s upbringing
How close the parents live to each other
If both parents are able to support positive child-parent relationships with the other parent
If the child is most benefited by joint conservatorship
As a joint parenting plan is arranged, you will want to consult with your child custody lawyer. Fort Worth offers a myriad of resources for parents seeking counsel when creating parenting plans and agreements.

Sole managing conservatorship

In the event that one parent is awarded sole custody, the parenting plan will outline the rights and responsibilities of the primary conservator and the managing conservator.

The primary sole conservator has the right to:

Choose the child’s permanent residence
Consent to medical procedures
Consent to therapy and counseling
Consent to military enlistment parenting newsletter
Consent to child entering into marriage
Receive monetary child care from the managing conservator
The managing conservator will be awarded visitation and information on the child based on the approved parenting plan. These provisions could include:

Medical records
Education records
Access to child’s school functions and athletic events
A visitation schedule
Consent to medical procedures
Factors determining joint vs. sole conservatorship

As the courts review the proposed parenting plan, they will take many factors into consideration. If the courts decide that the proposed plan is not in the best interest of the child, they have the right to revise or rewrite the plan according to the child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

If you and the other parent cannot agree on a plan, the courts may order you to seek counsel with a Fort Worth child custody lawyer for mediation. They may also order counseling from a mental health professional.

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