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I don’t know what it is about PayPal buttons, other than the obvious fact that it enables you to get paid right on your website. You would think that PayPal would go out of it’s way to make getting and using a PayPal button an easy experience.

But they don’t.

In fact, for me, the experience with PayPal took me two days to get it and the first day was just horrible. On the second day, in spite of a decent size hangover, I got it.

On the third day I wrote down exactly how I got it done because I figured if I had that much trouble there may be others who would like to avoid the problems. This article comes from that!

There was more for me than just getting the PayPal button to show up on my page. That was a real challenge at first, too, because it requires using a little HTML to get it done.

For me the real mystery was “How do I get the purchaser to go to my download page after he has made payment!”

Here’s the short version of the PayPal Buy Now Button Website Installation Circus.

One – Go to PayPal to your opening account page. (If you don’t have an account, go get one and come back to here.)

Two – Go across the top of the screen to “Merchant Services Tab” – click it.

Three – Arrive at THAT page and click on the “Buy Now Button” icon.

Four – That takes you to the “Create PayPal payment button” page and there are 3 steps!

Step One – It’s easy no mysteries – just use common sense and fill out the blanks.

At the bottom of this step it is best to go with “secure merchant ID”

Step Two – Click “Save button at PayPal”. Go to Step Three.

Step Three – If you are wanting your customer to go to a download page and receive their downloadable material you have to specify the URL of that download page shipping label on paypal . Stop what you are doing now and get a download page! When you have a download page arranged at a url come back to step three and put the URL in the box marked – Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout:

Put the url in there and hit “Create Button”.

If you are selling a drop ship type product it will be a little different for you in that you will check the box that says “Do you need your customer’s shipping address?” AND You may have use for a download page, too!

Five – You should be at the “My Saved Buttons” page…get the HTML code there and put it right where you want it in your page.

Now you are pretty much set except for testing it all to make sure it works!

If you’d like to learn how to put a PayPal button into ANY document…you may be ready for Riley West’s in depth instructions you will find at Making An Internet Marketer []

Go now and get the final word on how to get it done…The PayPal Buy Now Button Installation.



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