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There are certain brands, which are indulged in making their product better year after year and well known from years. One of such a brand is Mars whose chocolate M&M candies and chocolate had always been in demand. With further changes they have enhanced the taste delights of chocolate products and promoted their business. Their amazing and delightful chocolate candies are considered as nice, delicious and light snacks.7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

These fluffy psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars reviews, smooth and tasty chocolate candies were flavored earlier with strawberry and vanilla. These were the first chocolate bars and third product of Mars. Later on, as the brand extension mint, cherry, orange, raspberry were also introduced by 3 Musketeers chocolate. This chocolate bar is coated with milk chocolate and the inner filling is whipped Nougat. The egg whites are whipped till these become light, which is used as the center filling or Nougat chocolate. After the Nougat chocolate is prepared, the sugar syrup is also added to it. Further, the flavoring ingredients are added to enhance the taste of the chocolate bars. As soon as, the bars are cooled these are prepared to be wrapped. As compared to other chocolate bars, this bar consists of 45% less fat. A 54. 4 gm bar consists of merely 11% fat with most of the portion constituted by carbohydrates and sugar. Some vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and fiber are also present there. So, besides the taste, these are healthy treats also.

Year by year new flavors are being introduced, since the first chocolate bar was launched. From truffle crisp, orange, raspberry, cherry, mint to coconut, chocolate strawberry brownie, hot chocolate with marshmallow, there are various flavors available for the chocolate lovers. The orange flavor consists of milk chocolate coating while the raspberry flavored chocolate is covered with dark chocolate. The 3 Musketeers chocolate is available in various customized sizes and package varieties for the individual needs of the customers. Fun size, standard size, mint minis and minis are few among these. If these chocolate bars are not available in the local stores, the customers can have a look on the distributor’s websites, which are associated with these brands. They keep on stocking their online stores with these chocolates, and ship the product nationally and internationally on order. These can be purchased in the form of boxes, where each box consists of certain pieces of bars. The cost of such product ranges arou

Sure, it’s hard to resist those sweet little eyes begging for a treat when you’re eating a chocolate bar or some chocolate ice cream, but the bottom line is that dogs must not eat chocolate. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and can kill them. There have been many a number of unfortunate dog deaths due to owners leaving something chocolate out within the pooch’s reach. Even if your dog has eaten chocolate previously and suffered no adverse reaction, you should never again allow him to eat it. The reaction to chocolate varies depending upon the size of the dog and how much chocolate they consumed. What causes chocolate to be toxic to dogs is the chemical theobromine. Because dogs like foods that are sweet and are quick to grab things and run off with them, chocolate should be kept away from dogs at all times.

Signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs usually start within a few hours of the time they ingested the chocolate and include vomiting, diarrhea, excess urination, nausea, seizures, irregular heartbeat and coma. Sometimes the symptoms don’t show up for up to 36 hours, but if you know or suspect that your dog got a hold of some chocolate and ate it, you should get him to an emergency animal hospital or your veterinarian’s office immediately. There is always a better prognosis when the dog is rushed in and care starts early.

The amount of chocolate that it takes to poison your pooch varies depending on what type of chocolate, how much theobromine it contained, how much he ate, and how much he weighs. Comparing the chocolates, white chocolate has the least amount of theobromine at 1 mg per ounce. The highest amount of the toxic chemical comes from baking chocolate and cocoa beans. Below is a list of how much chocolate it takes to poison a dog based on the type of chocolate and its level of theobromine per ounce:

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