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Are you sick and tired of trying moisturizers, one after another, and not getting the results you want on your skin? It can be so frustrating, and all you really want is to have smooth, beautiful skin, less wrinkles and fine lines Cosmetic procedure and a good feeling about how you look. Why can’t these skin creams make that happen, even though that’s exactly what they promise in their glossy advertisements?DERMATOLOGY - Best Hospital in Ranchi | Alam Hospital

Let me tell you something: most companies making and marketing skin care products are not interested in your looks, they just want to make money and sell as many products as they can. To do that they need a decent product that feels and smells nice, otherwise no one won’t buy them. But if they really make a difference to your skin, such as smoothing away signs of aging for more than one day? That’s not interesting for them.

Actually many of the biggest skin care producing companies are not even in the health industry, but work with the chemical industry or other business areas which are not known for being interested in the wellbeing of people. And let’s face it: in serious skin care, it’s all about your health. Skin is your biggest organ – you want to take care of it just as you would care for your general health.

That’s the first way to find the best skin moisturizer: make sure you check the background of the company selling the product. If they are not specialized in skin care, or in the health business such as producing supplements as well, forget about their products. It’s just another business line for them, and your best interest won’t be their priority.

The second way is to make sure you go natural in your skin care. Chemists have indeed made the world a more comfortable place to live, some would even say made the world better, and that may be true… but in skin care, chemistry is neither useful nor safe. Like I said, our skin is our biggest organ. Do you really want to be applying chemicals on it daily? That’s what you’ll be doing if you use anything else than 100% natural skin care. If you want to find the best skin moisturizer on the market, ensure it is all-natural. You’ll be doing your skin a favor.

Most people do not realize this, but you can purchase the best skin creams without spending a lot of money. There are people spending hundreds and sometimes thousands on products for their skin. I know it is hard to believe, but it is not necessary. The secret to choosing the best skin screams is to know your skin type. If you look for certain words and ingredients for your skin type you will find the products best for your skin.

If you have normal to combination skin, that is skin with a T-Zone and often break out in the middle of your face, on the nose or chin, but the skin on your cheeks is normal to dry, you are actually quite lucky. Because your skin is neither too oily, too dry, nor too sensitive, feel free to use whatever formulations or ingredients you prefer. It is always good to choose products that are “noncomedogenic”, because they do not clog pores.

If you tend to have dry skin you are looking for heavy creams. Look for something that has waxy occlusive emollients, such as Shea butter, lanolin, or mineral oil. Look for oil based lotions and creams, because water-based evaporate quickly and will not provide enough long lasting moisture.

If you have sensitive skin it is wise to patch test any product on your forearm for twenty-four hours before using on face. You should really baby your skin. Fragrances free and hypoallergenic are two buzzwords to look for on products labels. The fewer the ingredients in any facial product the gentler and safer it will be to sensitive skin.

Another thing that you should consider when looking for any skin care product is the price. Spending more money convinces people that something works better. If that belief combined with the enjoyment of applying an expensive, more luxurious lotion or cream makes you more inclined to use it with consistency the placebo effect works wonders.

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